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At HawkinsThomas we place our clients at the heart of our business. We believe that the best way to give personal financial and investment advice is through our team of Professional Financial Advisers. We understand that regular client contact and financial reviews are the key to successful financial planning simply because the world does not stay the same. Things change.

Your circumstances change. Taxation and law change. Financial products change. HawkinsThomas exists to guide and support you throughout your financial life and respond to these changes.

We will help you prioritise your financial objectives and select and implement your financial solution. Our on-going service will respond to change that impacts on you and ensure your financial plan delivers the outcome you expect.



Prism was founded by Martin Evans in 1999 after a history of working for banks and insurance companies. PRISM is an acronym which stands for Protection, Retirement, Investments, Savings and Mortgages; the key areas of financial services that we advise on. Having been tied to a number of national networks over the years,
Prism became directly authorised in 2010.

We are independent, meaning we are not tied to any companies, only working in your best interests. We will recommend products based on a comprehensive analysis of the whole market, and will place no restrictions on the products we consider unless you instruct us otherwise. We will, however, only make a recommendation
when we know it is suitable for you.

Our qualified advisers and staff cover the entire financial services market. Whether you are seeking to build an investment portfolio, looking at mortgage requirements, protection, savings or creating a tax-efficient retirement strategy,
we have the expertise to provide the answer.

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